World Cleanup Day 2021

In commemoration of the World Cleanup Day 2021, Apata-Owode Cleanup Exercise took place on Sunday, 19th September 2021.

On this day, @TSDI came together with 27 volunteers who actively participated in the cleaning up exercise. The exercise featured environmental sanitation in two community markets namely Bode-Igbo market, Ibadan – Abeokuta expressway, Ibadan Nigeria and Agbekoya market, Apata, Ibadan, Nigeria and a health facility named Immaculate specialist hospital and Maternity, Alexander, Apata, Ibadan, Nigeria.

Commencing at 2p.m, the cleaning exercise took place at four different places – 3 market environments (Owode, Bode-igbo and Agbekoya markets respectively) and a private maternity hospital (Immaculate Specialist Hospital).  
The volunteers started the exercise in Owode market, Ibadan. Cleaning tools such as coconut brooms, rakes, packers, and disposable nylons were used to clean the dirt in and around the surroundings of the market. Sensitization also took place as placards and voices were raised in unison to project and display the harm associated with waste mismanagement. 
The market women and men in Bode-igbo were sensitized and educated on the importance of good sanitation and the impact it has on human health and the ecosystem at large. The volunteers helped some of the marketers in cleaning their surroundings by sweeping part of the market.The team then moved to Agbekoya market, the biggest market in the Apata community all the while displaying placards about clean up. The exercise was effectively carried out as different volunteers were shared in groups so as to reach out to a large number of people in the market. The team leads of each groups made use of the native language of the market men and women to communicate effectively the hazards of refuse dumping in the environment.

Finally, the last part of the exercise took place at the Immaculate maternity hospital around 5:00 pm. In the executive director’s words, “cleaning up the hospital environment would show that it’s not only inside the hospital that should be cleaned and that its also the duty of everyone to keep all areas safe and healthy”. Cleaning commenced in earnest as the drainage was cleared and thorough cleaning and clearing of the surrounding took place.

At exactly 6:30 pm, the exercise ended after successfully reaching out to over 100 individuals with the message, keep the earth clean. This is in accordance with our vision to implement good health and create an atmosphere of growth.


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