Maize Project

Maize Project

Zea mays (also known as Maize or Corn) is considered as low-cost-high-benefit ratio for human beings that help in the prevention of metabolic syndrome due to the presence of different antioxidants like phenols and phytosterols in it. The diversified ways of consuming Maize after processing into different food items such as popcorn, flour, tortillas, cornflakes, corn germ oil, etc have made the market demand for maize is very high with about 23 million metric tonnes produced in Nigeria for the year 2022. Maize products are also used in supplementary nutritional programmes to feed the malnourished children and to improve their health status.

Project Specifications:

  • Acreage: 3 acres

  • Total Capital Required: NGN210,000

  • Capital Required per unit: NGN70,000

  • Expected Yield: NGN120,000

  • Dry Maize Production at Harvest: 7.2 tons per cycle


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