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Agriculture has served as a core constituent of continued human survival for thousands of years till date. The practices that make up this way of life continue to evolve to meet up with economic demand and sustainability. Unmonitored evolutionary processes only manage to achieve sustainability after countless cycles of trial and error, with these leading to food scarcity and food waste. The inadvertent loss of millions of lives and much required resources falls into this yet unbridged managerial chasm between scarcity and waste.

Studies prove the need for and essentiality of sustainable agro-models that can be described as tested and trusted, utilized for minimized and controlled waste output. On the other hand, by shrinking the formerly country-large scale trial-and-error cycle and limiting it to singular, controlled investments, such models would permit for maximum productivity using minimal resources. Upon complement, results and success rates would be the baseline for sensitization programs to spread information required for efficient model recommendations and implementations. Implemented properly, this system of management would foster food security, serving as the missing link between food scarcity and food loss/waste.

The Lush Culture therefore seeks to serve as a practical advisory lead for economic development and climate stability in sustainable agriculture, a concept made possible through solid partnerships.


Food Security

Food loss is caused by overabundance, poor managerial systems and lacking storage methods and facilities. By utilizing innovative methods of farming, crop storage and management, we effectively redirect excess food into preventing scarcity, while simultaneously curbing waste.


Acting as a comprehensive experimental agent, we are able to determine the best climate-smart agricultural practices, measured by its level of sustainability, and through solid partnerships, present these practically proven models to our customers.

Applied Practices

This process of model testing allows our customers to adopt our recommended practices and deploy them in their own businesses for an assured level of success with a reduced level of risk, ascertaining profit with ease.

Vision & Mission

VISION: To build sustainable environments and climate smart agriculture through sensitization, empowerment and inclusion; towards a green society in a resilient one.

MISSION: Our mission is to propagate environmental sustainability, food security and green best practices. Birthing a better life for all.

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